How ISIS spent Ramadan.

The Holy month of Ramadan is almost coming to an end. Devout Muslims around the world have fasted for almost a month now for the sake of Allah. The purpose of this fast was to understand the state of the less fortunate. It’s also a month of worship and reform, to try and improve ones self. To pray for forgiveness and try to be a better Muslim. It’s a month when lying and backbiting are considered as sins let alone hurting someone. It’s a month of care, love, understanding, charity, and change for the better.

So as I mentioned before this is what DEVOUT MUSLIMS would have been upto the past month. And considering that all the above mentioned actions are obligatory in Islam during Ramadan anyone who fails to do so (unless sick or other exceptions) are going against the teachings of Islam. Period.

Now that we know what REAL Muslims were doing the past month, let’s see what ISIS was upto this Ramadan.
– In Kazakhstan (Aktobe shootings), A group of several dozen militants attacked two gun shops and a military base in Aktobe, killing four civilians and three soldiers. 
– In United States (Orlando nightclub shooting),opened fire on a gay night club in Orlando killing 49 people.

– France (Magnanville stabbing), stabbing that killed a French police officer and his companion.
-Turkey (Atatürk Airport attack), opened fire on Atatürk Airport in Istanbul before blowing themselves up. Killing 44 people.
-Bangladesh (Gulshan attack), attacked a cafe in the Gulshan Thana of Dhaka and took hostages. Leaving 28 dead.

-In Baghdad (Karada attack) car bomb goes off at a shopping district killing at least 126.

That’s leaves them with a total of 254 dead people and many more injured. In the Holy, spiritual month of Ramadan.

Now I will ask you a very clear question. Do you think their is ANYTHING Islamic about ISIS? ANYTHING AT ALL?

ISIS stands for “ISLAMIC STATE OF IRAQ AND SYRIA”. But I think they should be renamed to “RDW”. Which stands for “REALLY DESPERATE WANNABE’S”. If they think they are Muslims, and they are being Islamic, then sorry to disappoint you guys but your far off from Islam. Like a million galaxies apart far off.

Remember just cos a ostrich has wings doesn’t mean it can fly. So just cos ISIS claims to be Muslims doesn’t mean they are.


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