If Only People Knew

I came across a video on Facebook yesterday morning, that showed a drone capturing the night prayer at the Holy mosque in Madinah. As I was watching it I was smiling to my self thinking Subhanallah what a beautiful mosque. And mashallah what a crowd for the prayer. It gave me goosebumps wondering what it would have been like to have been there for the prayer. It was so soothing to hear the recitation and see the people gathered there. What a wonderful video that was.


Then at night just before I am about to go to bed, I see pictures of smoke and fire outside the same Holy mosque I was admiring just that morning. So many posts about a suicide bomber in Madinah. What a shock! I was so taken back. In one day two extremes.



In this Holy month when everyone have been Fasting, giving charity, praying and devoting them selves to good.
Just when the month of Ramadan is coming to an end and Muslims are getting ready to celebrate Eid. Why? Why? Why?


What has this world come to. What kind of a place do we live in. People attack anyone and everyone with no cause, no reason and no meaning.


Humanity, unity, peace, tranquility, safety are being wiped off the face of the earth. And we all are watching it happen gradually. What will be it’s state in the future, what type of a world are we leaving for our children to grow up in.


Stop for a moment and ponder. What can you do to make this world a better place.  Start today with whatever small act it may be. Everyone together can make a difference. If evil can spread so fast, love can stop it. If hate can overtake humanity, kindness can overcome it. If you think your actions mean nothing, at least your trying without doing nothing.


Smiling, helping, giving, assisting, sharing, caring, kindness, humbleness these are stronger than bombs.
If only people knew.


May Allah protect us all from such evil doers.


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