To Share or not to Share…

This is the question we all are faced with several times everyday as we go through the various applications in our phones, be it Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Blogs etc..The question of whether to share a piece of information or forward a message to your friends. It just takes a matter of seconds to make the decision but we fail to realise on how great its consequences can be.

We receive so many messages that Prophet (saws) said this and the other, but there is no authentication to these hadith. Even though there is no reference to where the hadith is derived from, we accept it just because Prophet (saws) name is mentioned. We then forward it to our friends feeling satisfied that we have done a good deed. Did you know that there are so many hadith out there that are fabricated and categorised as weak.

Salamah Ibn Al-Akwa (RAA) narrated: I heard the Prophet (saws) saying : ‘ Whoever (intentionally) ascribes to me what I have not said then ( surely) let him occupy his seat in Hell- fire’. (Al Bukhari)


Then there are the comical messages where there is threat of Allah’s punishment or some misfortune befalling you if you do not forward the message. I wonder how the originator of  the messasge came to that conclusion because I have never come across a hadith or Quran ayah reprimanding a person who does not forward an Islamic Whatsapp message.

Most people get frightened at the sight of such threats and quickly forward it thinking what if it comes true. Do you think that Allah is going to have a calamity transpire on you just because you did not forward a message? Doesn’t it sound cynical? So don’t get deceived by these gimmicks people use to make sure you share the content with others. Of course you might earn some merit from sharing a valid message with the intention of guiding a Muslim.

Similarly, there is the message promising some blessing of  Allah in your life for sharing it with ten people. What happens I wonder if I share it with only nine people. Am I still qualified for the reward ? If  I keep getting ten such messages everyday and do as told I think I can end up being very prosperous in life.

We fail to observe our basic five daily prayers at the proper time and in the proper manner, but give so much more importance to earning Allah’s favour by moving our finger to forward a message!!!!!!!!!!!

We spend so much of our time going through this overload of information but find it difficult to find the time to do some zikr, read the Quran or do the sunnah and nawafil prayers.


What is happening to us??????

Don’t let technology lead your life? Don’t let it cloud your thoughts and reasoning? Don’t let it make a fool out of you. Be smart and use it right!!!


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